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Pokémon Go Live Events contributed $300 million to local cities in 2022

Players spent an average of $650 during the events, with many expressing a desire to return to the host cities
Pokémon Go Live Events contributed $300 million to local cities in 2022

New data from research firm Statista has examined the economic impact of Niantic’s flagship Pokémon Go Fest Live events on host cities.

The report found that such events encouraged over 150 thousand players worldwide to explore the host cities, and that these players generated a combined $309 million in revenue towards the local economies. This puts the events on par with gaming events such as Super Bowl LVI ($234 - 477 million) and the UEFA Women’s Euro 2022 ($60 million), showcasing once again the strength and revenue potential of mobile gaming.

85 percent of those participating in the events travelled from outside the host cities, with an average visitor spend of $650. The average player walked 10.2km during the event, exploring the city in search of Pokémon, and an average of 45 percent of those surveyed indicated their desire to return to the host city within twelve months.

“This year’s Pokémon GO Fest events clearly resonated with the thousands of Trainers who travelled to new cities and countries to spend time reconnecting with other players,” said Niantic Pokémon Go Live Game Director Michael Steranka. “It was a real celebration of the special Pokémon GO community and Niantic’s mission to help people spend time outside and explore the world together. The very real financial benefit to the host city is the icing on top of the cake.”

Gotta Catch ’em All

The event in Seattle proved to be the most successful Pokémon Go Fest Live event of the year, generating $155 million in revenue for the city, with 58 thousand trainers spending an average of $816 each.

Restaurants, entertainment and shops saw the largest benefit, with 84 percent of trainers taking part in the event travelling from outside the city.

Seattle Centre Director Robert Nellams reflected on the positive effect the event had on the city. “On behalf of the City of Seattle, we were proud to host Pokémon GO Fest, which helped kickstart a vibrant summer of activities at Seattle Center’s campus. With Pokémon GO Fest being one of the largest events we’ve seen in a decade, the three-day event was a major economic catalyst aiding in our pandemic recovery.”

“Seattle would gladly welcome back Pokémon GO Fest in the future in an effort to continue to create unique interactive experiences, fulfilling our mission in bringing together our diverse community.”

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