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Pokémon Go reaches $4.5 billion in lifetime revenue

The popular Pokémon Go title reaches milestones in revenue and downloads
Pokémon Go reaches $4.5 billion in lifetime revenue

Pokémon Go has reached a milestone of $4.6bn in lifetime revenue and has reached 590 million downloads.

The Pokémon franchise is a hugely popular one that possesses a long running and passionate fanbase, so bringing Pokémon to mobile in some capacity was a logical step for the the launch of Pokémon Go in 2016. Now according to data from SafeBettingSites, the game has generated $4.5bn in lifetime revenue.

Pokémon Go created a boom for Nintendo's mobile portfolio, accumulating over ten million downloads in the first week alone. Not only that but the game encouraged people to get outdoors, and it was evident on the streets how many people were playing Pokémon.

Six years later, and naturally the initial hype has died down, however the title still maintains millions of active users worldwide who have continued to spend money in-game over the years.

Passionate fans 

According to Statista and AppMagic data, Pokémon Go has also reached 590 million downloads worldwide. The first year alone accounted for half of that figure, and during the 2020 Covid lockdown which saw many dive into the world of mobile gaming, Pokémon Go was downloaded more than 60 million times, which is 4 million more than last year.

The game is massively popular in Asia where a lot of the player base stems from, however users in America are the most profitable as they make the most in-app purchases. Over the six years since launch the US has spent $1.86bn on in game purchases, the market in Asia is slightly under at around $1.85bn and players from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa have spent $792 million.

Committed Pokémon fans have ensured that the game has remained one of the highest-grossing mobile games in the world. Pokémon Go also showcased how the use of geolocation can be a major success for mobile gaming with others now adopting the format. Earlier this month we covered that The Pokémon Company were suing six companies over copyright infringement.