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All the news and opinion from Apple’s iPhone 7, Apple Watch Series 2 and Super Mario Run reveals

The biggest announcements
All the news and opinion from Apple’s iPhone 7, Apple Watch Series 2 and Super Mario Run reveals

Apple’s September 2016 keynote brought with it a number of big reveals.

The iPhone 7 was unveiled as expected, two years after the release of the iPhone 6 and one year on from the iPhone 6s. And controversially, the company has dropped the traditional headphone jack from the device.

The mobile giant also announced the new Apple Series Watch 2 and a special Pokemon GO app being developed by Niantic Labs for the smartwatch.

Perhaps the biggest surprise was Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto taking the stage to reveal a brand new mobile game: Super Mario Run.

Reaction and analysis

We’ve also analysed the news and provided further opinion and analysis on the big news.

We looked at the effect of Super Mario Run and the Pokemon GO Apple Watched reveals on Nintendo and DeNA’s shares.

We also analysed why Apple is ditching the headphone jack, the impact on game audio and whether it’s worth it in the long-term.

And there’s even more news and reaction from our friends at

Take a look at all our coverage on the event by clicking on the link below. We’ll continue to update as more news and reaction comes in.

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#1: The iPhone 7 reveal

The iPhone 7 reveal

As expected, Apple used the keynote to announce the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, which will begin shipping on 16 September.

But it was far from a simple announcement of a new phone. The rumoured, controversial bombshell that the iPhone 7 would no longer have a headphone jack was confirmed.

We’ve taken a look at that decision and why the iPhone 7's headphone jack removal is a big confusing gamble for the company.

Apple is also launching iOS 10 on 13 September, and it comes with a number of new improvements and features for developers to play with.

#2: Super Mario Runs onto mobile

Super Mario Runs onto mobile

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the evening and a momentous occasion for Nintendo – the reveal of Super Mario Run.

It’s the first time Shigeru Miyamoto has appeared on stage for a rival platform holder to talk about a new Nintendo game.

And Super Mario Run looks like an exciting new game for mobile devices, and one that will be free-to-start before a one-off payment to unlock the full game. It’s a decision that Matt Suckley believes is an exciting moment for both mobile and premium games.

Apple has been able to bag a huge timed exclusive with the game, but Nintendo has confirmed Super Mario Run Android is coming soon, too.

The news, combined with the announcement of Pokemon GO for Apple Watch, saw shares in Nintendo and DeNA jump shortly after the reveals.

#3: Apple Watch and Pokemon GO

Apple Watch and Pokemon GO

Apple hasn’t just been working on the latest iPhone 7, it also unveiled the Apple Watch Series 2 with a number of new enhancements.

On top of its announcement, Niantic Labs also revealed a new Pokemon GO app created especially for the smartwatch following huge success on mobile and 500 million downloads.

Ric Cowley reckons that Pokemon GO needs to be the killer app for the device – if Pokemon GO can’t do it, can any game?

It’s not the only game coming to the Apple Watch Series 2 of course. Wearable game developer specialist Everywear Games has is also working on farming game Field Day.

#4: Even more news

But that’s not all the news and reaction of course!

Our friends over at have more news to coincide with Apple’s iPhone 7 reveal from a consumer angle.

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