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Pokémon Sleep earns $100 million with its eyes shut

Living the dream: With one week to go before its first anniversary, Pokémon Sleep has caught plenty of Zs but even more cash
Pokémon Sleep earns $100 million with its eyes shut
Date Type Companies Involved Key Datapoint
Jul 8, 2024 milestone The Pokemon Company $100 million
  • Pokémon Sleep has earned $100 million ahead of first anniversary on July 17th
  • Players in Japan have contributed the vast majority of its revenue thus far

Pokémon Sleep has sleepwalked its way to $100 million with one week to go before its first anniversary, marking a major feat for the health tracker app that spent a lesuirely four long years from reveal to release.

The mobile title is The Pokémon Company's latest blue ocean project to improve player wellbeing, Sleep taking on the bedroom duties while Pokémon Go takes care of the rest of your day.

And while $100 million for one full year may be yawned at next to Go’s near $1 billion annual average, it remains an impressive feat that many a mobile title can only dream of accomplishing.

Napping means business

Reaching that $100 million mark has come predominantly from Japanese players who have, according to AppMagic estimates, spent $73 million on Pokémon Sleep since July 17th, 2023. Players in the US have contributed another $15 million - a distant second but far ahead of third-place Taiwan’s $4 million.

As for downloads, Sleep has gathered an estimated 9.8 million dozers, 44% of whom are based in Japan. Again the US follows in second and Taiwan in third, with 17% and 7% of installs respectively, showing a slightly more even distribution than on the revenue front.

Sleep’s revenue has also shown strong peaks during events, whether that’s a cozy Eevee Week or legendary Raikou Research, or even a simple Holiday 2023 event which proved the game’s most lucrative week yet - earning $4 million over seven days last December.

The latest peak came with the Entei Research event, a sequel of sorts to Raikou’s event, with the final member of the beastly trio Suicune set to appear sometime in the future. During the first week of the Entei event revenue spiked to $3.8 million, up from $1.4 million only one week prior.

And today, July 8th, sees the start of Sleep’s latest event - 1st Anniversary Lead-Up Gift Week - offering seven days of bonus Sleep Points while fans get busy relaxing with Snorlax, Pikachu, and other favourites.

Superfans can also get a sweet night’s rest in style at the Pokémon Sleep hotel, though it will set them back almost $1,800 per night