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Pokémon Sleep goes IRL with $1,800 hotel experience for fans

To coincide with the game’s first anniversary, Pokémon Sleep is partnering with the Grand Hyatt Tokyo
Pokémon Sleep goes IRL with $1,800 hotel experience for fans
  • Pokémon Sleep is partnering with the Grand Hyatt Tokyo in Japan to bring themed hotel suites this summer
  • Stay periods are available from July 1st to August 31st, overlapping with the game's first anniversary
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After conquering nature with Pokémon Go and the bathroom with Pokémon Smile, the franchise released Pokémon Sleep, it's 2023 mobile instalment designed to accompany fans to bed and the dreamworld beyond.

Pokémon Sleep is an app that tracks players’ health and wellbeing while resting and rewards them with various Pokémon come the morning.

Now the Grand Hyatt Tokyo in Japan is partnering with the game to prepare "a range of charismatic wellness experiences" for guests (and presumably fans of the game) to enjoy this summer.

Bookings are already open for the immersive Pokémon Sleep suites, with Sleep-themed stay periods available from July 1st to August 31st. This will overlap with the game’s first anniversary and stays in the Chairman Suite include gifts such as a Pokémon Sleep rucksack and T-shirt, Pokémon Sleep plushies, and a slightly less Pokémon-themed wellness bag of herbal teas and bath salts.

While dining in the hotel fans can get a taste of the Snorlax Burger, Lucky Chant Apple Pie, Pikachu Pancakes, and more. (We're not making this up.) However, while a range of pricing options are available, a night in the premium Chairman Suite will set particularly voracious Pokémon fans back almost $1,800 a night.

Relaxin’ with Snorlax

Last October miHoYo’s Honkai: Star Rail partnered with restaurants around the world and while this campaign went global, any Western Pokémon Sleep fan will have to make the trip to Japan to immerse themselves in Sleep's hotel experience: the promotional campaign is exclusive to Tokyo.

"This summer, Grand Hyatt Tokyo is partnering with Pokémon Sleep on a range of charismatic wellness experiences to celebrate the entertainment app’s first anniversary on July 24th," Grand Hyatt Tokyo announced.

"A range of immersive Pokémon Sleep experiences are available, from luxurious stay packages that recreate the world of Pokémon Sleep to original burgers, desserts and cookies inspired by recipes from the app… A dozing Pokémon Sleep Plush awaits in your guestroom before a peaceful night’s sleep."

The upcoming Pokémon Trading Card Game Pocket may not be offering fans a hotel experience just yet, but it will provide them with two free packs of in-game cards per day.