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Montreal-based Ludia lets 45 staff go in new round of layoffs

The company has clarified the impact its restructuring will have on its employees
Montreal-based Ludia lets 45 staff go in new round of layoffs
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Ludia, a subsidiary of Jam City, has let around 45 of it's staff go in a new round of layoffs with LinkedIn posts from former employees appearing earlier this week.

Jam City acquired Ludia in 2021 for $165m, but in 2022 controversy arose as layoffs took place abruptly.

An official statement from company spokesperson, Kristina Cole reads: "We are committed to maintaining a strong and sustainable business and are restructuring some of our teams in Montreal to optimize the performance of our titles. We understand that restructures within the organization have an impact on our valued employees. We are committed to treating all affected individuals with respect, appreciation, and support for their years of service, including severance packages, extended benefits where applicable, and career assistance to help them navigate their transition."

While there is still no official line on the number of employees being let go in this latest round, one source who asked to remain anonymous, placed the total redundancies at 45 employees including multiple directors of the company and a VP.

Ideally for those involved the current situation may remain relatively limited compared to the slashing of 17% of staff in mid-2022.

Cuts across the board

The layoffs follow an unfortunate trend for developers and publishers at present, as they make cut backs. Notable veteran studios such as Kiloo - who helped develop Sybo’s Subway Surfers - have unfortunately closed their doors with little notice.

In the wake of the growth seen due to a “captive audience” during the pandemic period, many companies are now reevaluating their position as growth returns to slower but steady progress. Some, such as Playtika, have entirely halted development of new games in favour of restructuring and focusing on their existing catalogue.

Most recently and pertinently for the situation at Ludia, Jam City saw the hiring of new CEO Josh Yguado to the position. Although he was optimistic at the time of his hiring earlier this year, this latest news may be the first evidence and test of his leadership.