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PUBG Mobile adds new anti-cheat measures

Spectator system updated to catch out players using two screens
PUBG Mobile adds new anti-cheat measures
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PUBG Mobile has made some anti-cheat changes to better catch cheaters that are using ever-evolving methods.

As announced via its website, the game has had issues with users utilizing the spectator system as a means of cheating. While PUBG Mobile has been successful in banning many accounts that use this method, it has become a long-form type of misconduct.

"As this form of cheating involves a long chain, is rather complicated, and is obscure and difficult to detect, the damage it deals to the fair gaming environment increases daily, and we hope to target this form of cheating from the source," said PUBG Mobile.

Cheating in a game like this is hardly surprising, especially since it has a high player base having hit 600 million downloads in March 2020.


To catch a cheat

Because of this, a new update has been made to the spectator feature a peer review mechanism. The changes have been made to improve the environment of the game by resolving this form of cheating and to improve the performance of the spectating system.

For those that don't know, users that cheat through this feature use two phones, one is as the host and the other as a spectator. The host phone will play the match as normal. Meanwhile, the second device will use an X-ray vision plug-in to get the advantage.

Despite the ongoing cheat problem, 2020 has proven to be a successful year thus far for the battle royale. Earlier this month, it was revealed that PUBG Mobile had exceeded $3 billion in lifetime revenue, double what it had earned by December 2019.