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PUBG Mobile hackers to pay $10 million to Tencent and Krafton

Will be used to fund anti-cheat tech
PUBG Mobile hackers to pay $10 million to Tencent and Krafton

US and German courts have ruled in favour of Tencent and Krafton in their case against a hacking group.

The members of the hacking group had been found to be creating and distributing hacks and cheats to provide users with an unfair advantage on PUBG Mobile.

The members of the hacking group have been ordered to pay $10 million in damages to the battle royale creators. Furthermore, the defendants have been ordered to cease future illegal activities concerning cheating in games, as well as divulge details regarding methods used to exploit the game and information on collaborators.

Tencent and Krafton have stated that all funds gained from the ruling will be put towards further developing anti-cheat systems within PUBG Mobile.

Fairness at forefront

"Millions of players worldwide enjoy PUBG Mobile and we will ensure a level playing field for everyone," said PUBG Mobile producer Rick Li.

"Sadly, the actions of hacker groups undermine the fairness of the game. These Judgements send a clear message that we will not tolerate cheating in PUBG MOBILE."

The firms have stated that this "resounding win" is a victory for the wider games industry against the creators of  illegal cheats and hacks.

PUBG Mobile head of production management Minu Lee added: "This legal victory bolsters our collective commitment to fiercely protect our games, PUBG IP and global community. Fun and fairness is the bedrock of the PUBG Mobile experience and cheating in any form will not be tolerated. As such, we will continue enforcing our IP rights with unwavering resolve against any who seek to tarnish or misuse them."

PUBG Mobile has recently launched its device ban feature in which the security team identifies users that are deliberately cheating and after review can permanently ban them from playing the game or creating a separate account on that device. 

For the second year running, PUBG Mobile was the highest-grossing mobile game of 2021 at $2.8 billion in consumer spending. Additionally, Independent app marketplace Uptodown revealed that PUBG Mobile was the most downloaded mobile game on its platform.