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PUBG Mobile partners with Google to give players 3 month YouTube Premium trial

Part of the 1.7 version update
PUBG Mobile partners with Google to give players 3 month YouTube Premium trial
Date Type Companies Involved Size
Nov 29, 2021 partnership Google Tencent YouTube Not applicable

PUBG Mobile has partnered with Google Play to give its players a three month trial of YouTube Premium.

The free trial will come as part of a YouTube Premium-themed gift bag and will include an exclusive 15-day limited parachute, 1,000 Battle Points, and more alongside the trial.

The partnership comes as part of the 1.7 version update of PUBG Mobile and will continue from November 29th, 2021, until May 28th 2022, with new content being made available each month.

The in-game items that players collect will be made permanent and remain in-game after the collaboration has ended.

Furthermore, the update will add new content and game modes to PUBG Mobile, and will include more collaborations with brands in the future.

Uninterrupted videos

YouTube Premium provides users with the ad-free viewing of videos on YouTube, as well as the ability to download and play videos offline.

Additionally, YouTube Premium includes access to music-streaming platform YouTube Music Premium.

The offer is available to new YouTube Premium subscribed only and is available in the US, Brazil, Mexico, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Turkey, Egypt, Russia, Germany, the UK, France, Ukraine, and UAE.

Recently, PUBG Mobile surpassed $7 billion in lifetime player spending, making it the fourth highest-grossing mobile game of all time.