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Publish Me! Festival announced by AppQuantum and WN Conference

Top three winners to receive publishing offers from AppQuantum
Publish Me! Festival announced by AppQuantum and WN Conference

Video game event organizer WN Conference and International game publisher AppQuantum, is inviting casual genre developers to participate in its Publish Me! Festival.

The online event lasts until July 21 2022, and consists of both a contest for casual mobile game developers and an online mobile game development contest. Submissions for the contest are open until July 10, with the best projects winning prizes from a pool of $50,000, with the top three projects additionally receiving publishing deal offers from AppQuantum, including marketing budget allocation totalling $2,500,000.

To be eligible for participation, games have to be within a casual genre; released, in beta, prototype, or close to release state; not exclusive to another publisher; and does not use an unlicensed IP.

Other publishing competitions this year include the Crazy Hyper Challenge, shortly closing on July 16, which includes $35,000 in cash prizes and the potential for collaboration with hosts GameRefinery and Crazylabs.

AppQuantum recently celebrated crossing a milestone 100 million downloads, with Gold and Goblins its most popular title.

The firm also recently took a deep dive into Lilith Games' Dislyte on, exploring how the title's immediate polish and streamlined onboarding has resulted in $3 million revenue in its first week.