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Applift: Publishers must strive to keep incentivised advertising alive

Going extinct
Applift: Publishers must strive to keep incentivised advertising alive

What is the biggest challenge facing publishers today? Bingo. It's 'making money'. 

Of course, If making money was easy everyone would be doing it, which is why, according to AppLift's chief revenue officer Jean Phillip-Decka, it's important that publishers fight tooth and nail for every advantage they can get. 

"[One of the biggest challenges] for game publishers is to find what they call 'good traffic', something that, in the end, will be really valuable for them. What they really want is to acquire users that will help monetise their games," explained Phillip-Decka, speaking to's George Osborn at this year's PG Connects conference in Helsinki. 

"It's not an easy thing, especially when you know that only 4 percent of players are actually making in-app purchases."

An incentivised death

Phillip-Decka believes that publishers right now need to fight to keep incentivised advertising alive.

With rumours recently suggesting Apple will be cracking down on incentivised video ads, it seems extinction, at least on the App Store, is inevitable. However, that cannot be allowed to happen.

"Publishers are also facing a challenge towards incentivised traffic. It'd be wise to challenge this, especially for the game publishers, because they use a lot of incentivisation, and incentivised video, it's a big part of their revenue," said Phillip-Decka.

"[Publishers need to fight for them] because IAP's are not so strong, and because they don't want to put too much advertising in their games so that they can keep the user experience pretty good."


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