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Qualcomm launches new QDevNet developer network website

Company looking to foster chipset community
Qualcomm launches new QDevNet developer network website
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It's no longer enough to merely provide some tools for development you also have to create an environment that makes using them as easy and straightforward as possible.

The launch of Qualcomm's new developer network website QDevNet is a notable attempt to do as much.

The company claims the site will bring together the developers, engineers and publishers that make use of its chipsets.

"QDevNet aims to provide meaningful tools and resources to help you optimise and differentiate your apps by taking advantage of the power of our chipsets," says Qualcomm's senior director of software strategy and business development, Liat Ben-Zur, on the company's blog.

"It's also the place to access go-to-market channels that Qualcomm enables through our relationships with operators and device manufacturers."

Reaching out

The whole venture is designed to involve studios in what can be done with Qualcomm's technology; the website also showcasing apps that have already pushed the graphical boat out.

Information will include which Qualcomm GPUs are in which chipsets and phones, technical documents, demos and sample applications, blogs and technical forums, as well as distribution opportunities for apps.

"We believe that much of the mobile innovation and magic that is happening in our industry is in the hands of you, the developer," concludes Ben-Zur.

"We want to help you leverage our hardware accelerators and hook into our advanced features so applications can be smarter, better performing, more context aware and run at lower power. We want to help you make your apps sing!"

[source: Qualcomm]