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Razer acquires Ouya

From Kickstarter to trade sale in three years
Razer acquires Ouya
Date Type Companies Involved Size
Jun 15, 2015 acquisition Ouya Inc. Razer Not disclosed

Not yet formally announced, although previously rumoured, it seems that US high-end gaming peripherals outfit Razer has acquired Ouya.

It's been known that the unconsole company, which found fame in 2012 with its successful Kickstarter campaign, had been looking for a strategic exit.

Now, according to an image of the website of Ouya's financial advisor Mesa, the deal closed in June.


Even without financial terms being disclosed, the union makes some sense as Razer has also been experimenting in terms of offering new forms of gaming hardware.

It's now selling its $100 Forge TV Android TV box and is part of the Open Source Virtual Reality platform, so gaining access to Ouya's library of over 1,000 Android games which are mapped for joypads - and its developer relations team - should be synergetic.


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