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Reality Gaming Group and Mana Partners to bring blockchain to APAC brands

Following the demand increase for Web3 in the region
Reality Gaming Group and Mana Partners to bring blockchain to APAC brands
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Reality Gaming Group has partnered with Mana Partners to provide its brand clients with blockchain and NFT content solutions in gaming and entertainment spaces.

As demand for Web3 in the APAC region is steadily increasing, the Singapore-based Mana Partners is supporting brands and startups with accessing new communities and opportunities.

Reality Gaming Group, a UK-based company seeking to minimise its energy expenditure on NFTs, has a Digital Asset Trading (DAT) platform that makes and manages its projects, building NFTs and online stores.

Blockchain for brands

Reality Gaming Group creates games and blockchain collectables via publishing arm Reality Studios. Its titles include Doctor Who: Worlds Apart, Reality Clash and Smighties Universe.

"We’re absolutely thrilled to be working with Mana Partners to offer its clients the most innovative blockchain and Web 3.0 content solutions," said Reality Gaming Group co-founder Tony Pearce.

"This partnership is a ringing endorsement of the DAT platform, further expands our presence in Asia Pacific and highlights the growing importance of NFTs to brands."

Mana Partners managing partner Matthew Zatto commented: "Brands are only starting to discover the potential value that can be unlocked through blockchain technology. It's important to us at Mana Partners that we provide our brand clients with nothing less than the best-in-class solution and that is exactly why we chose Reality Gaming Group."

PUBG creator Krafton has recently partnered with blockchain tech platform Solana Labs to support the design and marketing of blockchain-based games and services.