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Doctor Who: Worlds Apart launches its first digital item sale

Reality Gaming's blockchain project materialises
Doctor Who: Worlds Apart launches its first digital item sale
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Forthcoming trading card game Doctor Who: Worlds Apart has launched its initial card pack sale.

The game - coming to mobile and browser - won’t be released until the second half of 2021, but the underlying collectible element of the experience has now gone live.

Currently there are four different pack types with prices ranging from $4.99 to $196.30.

Each pack offers a different number of cards, with different rarity percentages, and frequency of special frames.

These card packs are being offered in a limited form, both in terms of the number of packs available and for how long they are available.

Also now on sale is a Founders Coin. Priced at $250, only 1963 will ever be made available.

(If you’re wondering about the occurrence of the number 1963 that was the year Doctor Who first launched as a black-and-white TV program on the BBC.)

Ownership of a Founders Coin grants users a 20% price discount on packs purchases, $50 of free packs, and other benefits such as access to the game’s beta testing.


All of these assets are secured on the Ethereum blockchain through the Doctor Who: Worlds Apart website, and can be purchased using cryptocurrency or PayPal and credit cards.

This the first time any BBC IP has been licensed for use on the blockchain.

Early in 2021, the developer Reality Gaming Group will launch a marketplace, allowing these items to be traded between collectors and players.

You can find out more about the current sale via the Doctor Who: Worlds Apart website.