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Report: Snapchat games platform to land later this year

One games publisher is said to be lined up already
Report: Snapchat games platform to land later this year

Messaging app outfit Snapchat is gearing up to release a games platform in fall of this year.

The news comes from The Information, which reports that it has been in development for at least a year.

The unnamed platform will allow outside developers to create games that can be played through the Snapchat app.

One publisher at the least is also said to be on board to create a game for the platform.

Snapped up

The news comes after Snapchat parent company Snap Inc acquired UK cloud-based HTML5 game engine firm PlayCanvas for an undisclosed fee.

The company was formed in 2011 and is unique in the game development tech space in that it enables creators to make games completely in the cloud.

Snapchat recently launched a new wave of augmented reality games on the platform with its new 'Snappables' lenses.

Snappables allows users to control the games using touch, motion and facial expressions. Players can also invite friends to take part in multiplayer or complete on leaderboards for high scores.

Snap also recently released a developer kit that enables users to log in to other apps using their Snap details.

The update opened up the app to outside developers and could provide a lure to devs if the platform does come to pass.