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Snap Games is a new real-time multiplayer games platform for Snapchat

Zynga, ZeptoLab, Spry Fox, Game Closure and PikPok the first development partners
Snap Games is a new real-time multiplayer games platform for Snapchat
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Snapchat is rolling out a new games platform called Snap Games focused on real-time multiplayer gaming.

Users of the app can open up the platform through its messaging feature Chat and get playing games. These are more typical mobile game experiences that don’t rely on lens functionality, as was previously the case with ‘Snappables’.

Developers will already be able to monetise, though it’s not yet clear if in-app purchases will be included at a later date. The platform has launched with video advertising using Snap’s non-skippable, six-second Commercials ad format.

Key developer partners

Initial partners for the service include Spry Fox (Alphabear Hustle), ZeptoLab (Crash Arena Turbo Stars Drift Race), Game Closure (Snake Squad), Zynga (Tiny Royale) and PikPok (Zombie Rescue Squad).

Snap has also developed its only game called Bitmoji Party, in which users use their Bitmoji avatars in various mini-games including Pool Party, Kick Off, Spin Session and Zombie Escape.

Snap plans to open up the Snap Games platform to more developers over the coming months.


Rumours that Snapchat would open up a games platform have been running since 2017. In November of that year, Chinese games publishing giant Tencent acquired a 12 per cent stake in the app's owner Snap Inc.

In March 2018 it was reported that UK cloud-based HTML5 game engine tech firm PlayCanvas had been acquired by Snap for an undisclosed fee. It was an early sign of Snapchat's ambitions in the games space. 

It was speculated as recently as March that Snap would reveal the games platform this month. The company was also said to have picked up mobile games developer Prettygreat in 2018 for $8.6 million.

Earlier this year Snap said it had 186 million daily active users during the three months ending December 31st 2018. 

The news sees Snapchat join other messaging platforms opening up their own games platforms such as WeChat Mini Games and Facebook Instant Games. Each of these have DAUs in the hundreds of millions.

Spry Fox CEO David Edery will be a speaker at Pocket Gamer Connects Seattle on May 13th to 14th.