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Retention of Apple TV apps half that of the same apps on iPhone

Adjust runs the numbers
Retention of Apple TV apps half that of the same apps on iPhone
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Mobile app analytics and attribution company Adjust has released a report detailing poor user retention for Apple TV apps and games.

It states less than 9% of users return to a tvOS app seven days after installing it, compared to nearly 20% on tablets and 18.5% on smartphones.

The average Apple TV app user retention after 30 days is about 4%, compared to 7% for phones.

The report sampled apps ported from iOS to Apple TV and usage stats from 299,925 users, with 2% active on Apple TV.

The small Apple TV active user size is due to the need to directly compare the performance of apps across iOS and Apple TV.

What's next?

"These are apps that are some of the best performers on phones and tablets, yet when the apps are brought to Apple TV - just like tvOS was meant to - they fall flat," said Adjust CEO Christian Henschel.

The analysis comes ahead of the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, where Apple is expected to announce better tools for Apple TV.

"Every platform struggles at the start. Still, it's a make-or- break moment for Apple TV: are app developers going to be helped by Cupertino, or will they abandon the platform?" Henschel questioned.