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Reverse: 1999 surpasses $50 million with increasingly monetised Japanese audience

Bluepoch’s launch title has surpassed $50 million in just over four months since global release
Reverse: 1999 surpasses $50 million with increasingly monetised Japanese audience
Date Type Companies Involved Key Datapoint
Feb 15, 2024 milestone Bluepoch $50 million
  • Reverse: 1999 has surpassed $50 million in gross revenue
  • Reverse: 1999's expansion beyond China is proving particularly successful in Japan
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Developer Bluepoch’s debut mobile game Reverse: 1999 has hit an impressive milestone, surpassing $50 million in gross revenue just over three months on from global launch.

The time travel title first released in China last May and later launched worldwide on October 26; it makes sense, therefore, that the bulk of its revenue comes from Chinese players. But Japan’s spending share is rising fast - unsurprising given the country’s love of RPGs - and the US is comfortably rounding out the top three…

The value of Japan

Within one month of expanding beyond China, Reverse: 1999 had already generated $15 million with nearly five million players, with 74% of that revenue having come from Chinese gamers. App Magic determines that share to be only 68% today - demonstrating gradual international growth.

Reverse: 1999’s installs have not increased as considerably as its revenues - now at $54 million across six million players - indicating that the existing playerbase is effectively monetised even if the game’s growth isn’t exceptional. China still represents the largest share of the game’s audience with 43% of players. Comparing that to the king of gachas Genshin Impact, the Chinese market only accounts for 22% of its audience, though is still its most popular region.

While both Chinese gacha RPGs, the value in comparing the two only goes so far, however, considering Genshin Impact is already in its fourth year while Reverse: 1999 is only into its fourth month worldwide. And as Bluepoch’s launch game, $54 million so far is nothing to scoff at.

Following Chinese players’ $36.6 million in revenue contribution, Japanese players have spent $8.3 million in Reverse: 1999 so far, equating to 15% of its gross revenue. The US’s 9% comes to $4.6 million. No other markets have crossed the million-dollar threshold yet, though Canada comes the closest with $607,000 in spending despite ranking ninth in downloads.

In Reverse: 1999’s third month, App Magic data suggests that Japan accounted for 22% of its monthly revenue, further indicating a general swing in the Japanese market’s direction.

Of course, as a gacha game, Reverse: 1999’s main revenue source is its chance-based character summoning, with each unique character having a star ranking and exclusive moves, as is common in the genre. What helps Reverse: 1999 stand apart is its strong 20th Century theme with its characters coming from every time and place, be they British Beatles fans or SSR pilots. Its gameplay also combines Match3, card games, RPG and strategy genres.