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Rovio pulls games from Russia and Belarus

In-app purchases disabled for games that have already been downloaded
Rovio pulls games from Russia and Belarus
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Rovio has announced that it has removed all of its games on app marketplaces, including the App Store and Google Play, in Russia and Belarus.

The Angry Birds developer has also disabled in-app purchases for its games that have already been downloaded in the region. Additionally, no upcoming game updates will be available in either of the countries.

Furthermore, the firm has stated that it will provide all of its in-game ad space in Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine to humanitarian organisations, including Unicef.

The news comes only hours after Rovio’s Finnish mobile games neighbour, Supercell, revealed that it has pulled its games from Russia and Belarus.

The announcement comes a week after Rovio started its Staff for Unicef campaign to coordinate its donations.

Ukraine-based studios have voiced how the Russian invasion has affected team members and studios across the global games industry have provided their support, including ways that others can help.