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Rovio wins $4.2 million in toy vending machine copyright dispute

Counterfeit Angry Bird toys spark legal battle
Rovio wins $4.2 million in toy vending machine copyright dispute

Toy Amazon Corporation has been ordered to pay Rovio $4.2 million as part of a copyright dispute.

The suit was filed in September 2014, and originally also accused a company called Allstar Vending of promoting and selling products based on Rovio’s copyrights and trademarks.

It alleged that the companies’ coin-operated vending machines were selling counterfeit products that ripped off the Angry Birds franchise.

Failure to cooperate

While Allstar settled with Rovio outside of court, documents from the New York District court reveal that Toy Amazon Corporation “failed to answer or otherwise respond to the complaint, and they have not appeared or sought to defend themselves at any time during this litigation.”

Toy Amazon Corporation’s apathy culminated in its failure to show up to the court hearing altogether on 12 March 2015.

Despite this, the judge was able to rule in favour of the Finnish company and said that Rovio had presented enough facts to prove its copyright and trademark infringement claims.

The Angry Birds creators were awarded $2.7 million for copyright infringement, and $1.5 million for trademark infringement alongside a permanent injunction against Toy Amazon Corporation.

Source: Bloomberg