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Royal Revolt 2 saw 28% better D30 retention thanks to TROPHiT partnership

Incentivised campaigns does wonders for flaregames
Royal Revolt 2 saw 28% better D30 retention thanks to TROPHiT partnership
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Flaregames saw Day 30 retention rates up 28% in Royal Revolt 2 thanks to an incentivised install campaign with TROPHiT.

The developer and mobile marketing platform partnered to run a campaign with Germany's Deutsche Telekom that offered players €20 of in-game items if installed on its network.

TROPHiT's technology allowed this partnership to happen without the need for intervention from the product or development teams.

Treat them like kings

The deal resulted in paid player conversions reach 21% through TROPHiT. Revenue-per-install was also 2.7 times higher than non-incentivised installs.

Incentivised players also retained better, with 30% more players retained on Day 7, and 28% more on Day 30. Incentivised players also saw an average of four sessions a day, compared to three sessions for non-incentivised players.

"Having so many Gems in the early game allows players to progress at a much faster pace but there is enough depth in Royal Revolt 2 that they may want more, which would explain why so many of them, after using the free Gems, converted into payers," said a representative for Flaregames.

TROPHiT recently partnered with pre-registration platform to bring its incentivised installs to developers using pre-registration campaigns.