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Rush Royale hits 63 million installs and doubles growth in the US thanks to… Jake Paul?

Publisher My.Games credits the game's success to a two-month long collaboration event
Rush Royale hits 63 million installs and doubles growth in the US thanks to… Jake Paul?
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My.Games have announced that their title Rush Royale has hit its highest ever level of player engagement and surpassed $230m in revenue.

The success has been squarely attributed to a two-month long in-game event featuring social media star Jake Paul. This included a two-week long Champion Rumble event and the appearance in-game of Paul as an unlockable character, amongst other inclusions. All of which contributed to a 20% growth in DAU and six-million monthly active users. According to My.Games around 1.5m users unlocked the Jake Paul-themed hero within the title.

"The mobile gaming industry has evolved, adopting PC game practices of community-building and regular content updates,” said CEO of My.Games Vladimir Nikolsky. “Drawing on our rich expertise in PC titles, MY.GAMES is now applying these strategies to our mobile games, creating strong brands and engaging experiences.”

"We aim to create conceptually interesting marketing campaigns that involve influencers in the development of fan-oriented content, which actively engages their audience. Rush Royale is showing great results, with high interest and engagement from players, confirming that we have chosen the right direction for further growth at a time when capturing players' attention is increasingly challenging."

Collab crucial?

And My.Games are eager - and right - to boast about their achievement. During 2022 there was a significant period of turbulence when the company was sold to new owners and underwent a period of restructuring and reorganisation. The future of the company was not at all certain, but with this achievement and other milestones in the bag, it seems that My.Games is on the right track.

This success also showcases the effect that celebrity collaborations can have on aspects such as DAU and revenue. It’s worth noting that this as an interesting case study, since such collaborations have not really been used by Rush Royale before, and the record-setting MAU and DAU for the title in the wake of their work with Paul indicates just how much collaborations can aid titles when done well.