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Scopely acquires Dundee-based Tag Games

Doubling down on 2021’s investment, the firm have now made Tag Games a Scopely Studio
Scopely acquires Dundee-based Tag Games

American mobile game maker Scopely has acquired Dundee’s Tag Games, the creator of over 60 titles with a wide range of publishers, for an as yet undisclosed amount.

Scopely had previously invested in the company alongside Spain’s Omnidrone and UK-based Pixel Toys pumping in $50million to increase staff and premises. The firm is behind such games as Angry Birds Action, Marvel Strike Force, Scrabble Go, Star Trek: Fleet Command and CSR2 among others.

Marc Williamson, head of studio at Tag Games, said, "It’s been an exciting adventure working with Scopely these past few years, and we are energised to fully integrate into their ecosystem and see what more we can do together.

“Having worked with many publishers over the years, Scopely has differentiated themselves as a company of gamemakers that value collaboration and iteration for the betterment of the player experience above all else.”

Scopely themselves acquired smash hit Stumble Guys from Kitka Games before being the subject of a $4.9bn in-progress acquisition by Savvy earlier this year.

Commenting on the deal Scopely said, “We are excited to announce the addition of Tag Games to our Scopely ecosystem! One of our ongoing objectives at Scopely is to explore acquisition opportunities to bring additional best-in-class teams into our operating system, and the talent at Tag Games is perfectly aligned with this ambition.

“Scopely is home to a dynamic ecosystem of world-class gamemakers, creating exceptional game experiences around the world. Both internal Scopely Studios and partner studios benefit from Scopely’s publishing infrastructure, operating system, and proprietary technology platform Playgami, which offers a range of products, enabling teams to create games players love and grow them as great businesses.

“In 2021, we partnered with Tag Games, a fantastic team based in Dundee, Scotland. Tag, who recently celebrated its 17th anniversary, has worked with leading publishers on more than 60 games since its founding in 2006.

“To collaborate even more deeply, both Scopely and Tag Games leadership felt it was the ideal time to fully join forces, and believe this combined entity will make us all even stronger."

Speaking to Dundee-based The Courier, Mark Williamson gave further details of the move. “There’s 60 of us here in Dundee and Scopely is a very ambitious company looking to grow all the time. We don’t have any concrete plans at the moment - the acquisition has only just taken effect - but I’m sure that will come as we get integrated into the business.”

“We’ve been working with Scopely for a number of years, so it was a no-brainer really.”

Scopely added, “Tag shares our vision to create extremely meaningful, dynamic experiences for players and represents outstanding passion and expertise in game making. We can’t wait to see what more we can do together.”