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Scopely announces new crossover between Stumble Guys and Monopoly

The board game is coming to Scopely’s hit battle royale title in the latest update
Scopely announces new crossover between Stumble Guys and Monopoly
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Scopely has launched a new collaboration with Monopoly in Update 0.56, bringing the game to its hit battle royale title Stumble Guys in the form of a new race map.

Players will race across a giant Monopoly board offering a host of routes and obstacles ranging from trains to jail cells to burst water pipes, bringing a new element of chaos to the game while leveraging the established success of the Monopoly IP.


As part of the collaboration the game has also introduced exclusive Monopoly-themed avatars and events.

Update 0.56 also introduces the Super Water Park map, inspired by the existing Super Slide level. The map features three unique areas - Pirate Beach, Volcanica, and Temple Ruin - each offering unique obstacles.

Stumbling to success

Scopely already enjoys a strong working relationship with Hasbro thanks to its work on Monopoly GO!, the popular casual title which translates the game into the mobile space.The game proved to be a worldwide smash hit, being the world’s number one mobile board game as of June 2023 and enjoying the biggest casual launch of the past five years.

Stumble Guys has also proven to be a massive success, all but killing attempts for Epic Games to bring Fall Guys to mobile platformsBy October 2022, the game was making almost half a million dollars every day, with a total of 265 million downloads worldwide.

This marks just the latest crossover for the hit game, following the likes of Rabbids, NERF, and Barbie. The game’s popularity has made it an attractive option for established IPs trying to gain a presence in mobile gaming - or expand their existing footprint.

We listed Scopely as one of the top 50 mobile game makers of 2023.