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Stumble Guys goes FPS in latest update

In a bold break from its popular third-person stumbling fun, Scopely's smash gets a whole new look via a deal with NERF
Stumble Guys goes FPS in latest update
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Stumble Guys, already a flattering ‘reimagining’ of popular console and PC game Fall Guys (which failed to make a similar leap to mobile and find huge success awaiting) seems determined to stay ahead of its predecessor and potentially has even more hit games in its sights…

Its latest innovation certainly takes a bold step beyond the world of its inspiration to - for the first time - incorporate a first person view, putting it effectively into the same arena as the ever popular FPS and Battle Royale genre.

One game to rule them all

The move, while doubtless welcome to players looking for a new perspective to their enduring favourite, marks an interesting diversion for the game, leaving watchers pondering just where Scopely could take the game (or a first-person only spin-off) next.

Meanwhile it’s to be hoped that they don’t break Stumble Guys magic spell - a game that just won our Best Live Ops award last week’s Mobile Game Awards, and helped secure publisher Scopely our 2023 Best Publisher Award.

It’s clear that Scopely’s purchase of Stumble Guys from original developer Kitka games is paying off (not least in terms of their lucrative takeover by Savvy). And this major rework shows that they're dead set to monopolise further on the hit game going forwards.

NERF war

Stumble Guys new look comes courtesy of a deal with NERF, makers of the popular real-world (and video game spin-off generating) air+foam blaster-based combat classic for kids. The game's latest update features a new map named Blaster Base featuring NERF branding and - of course - a new first person point of view to play with.

“Stumblers can also look forward to more chaotic multiplayer madness as they scour the new map for NERF blasters in a rowdy free-for-all,” writes our sister site “The latest update to Stumble Guys boasts fresh new boosts that will spice up the gameplay as well, along with items that can help players refill their Energy littered across a variety of locations. Players can expect to stumble upon shields as well, which will make sure they're safe and protected from other Stumblers' darts.

“More importantly, there will be three epic NERF blasters for players to wield against friend and foe alike, all presented in a thrilling first-person mode filled with colourful surprises.”

You can try out the new level, explore the NERF connection and ponder just what game Stumble Guys will be incorporating into its world next, via your favourite mobile app store from today.