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Scopely follows Savvy acquisition announcement with launch of Monopoly Go

Their first game since their big news acquisition last week
Scopely follows Savvy acquisition announcement with launch of Monopoly Go

Scopely’s latest title, Monopoly Go has just been launched, with the game now available on the iOS and Android platforms. It’s also the first game released since Scopely’s acquisition by Savvy Games Group was announced last week, one which if it goes through will be one of the largest video game acquisitions of all time.

While the mobile take on the classic board game is not the first Monopoly mobile game by any means this new title boasts of a fresh spin on the original formula, with minigames, sticker albums and of course the daily events common in many modern mobile titles.

President of Scopely’s casual games division, Dudu Dahan commented on the release, “Our Scopely Studios around the world have created a dynamic, visually beautiful, highly social experience designed to appeal to MONOPOLY purists and newcomers alike; and we continue to be energised to work alongside our amazing partners at Hasbro with another exciting expansion to our portfolio.”

Narrowing the scope on Scopely

Although a significant marker since the deal, it's safe to say that development will have been well underway before the Savvy acquisition was even hatched. Nontheless, such big name moves will serve as an indicator of what sort of success Scopely will bring to the table in the near future. Monopoly is a worthy part of an already bustling catalogue of mobile titles that made Scopely such a valuable addition to Savvy’s existing acquisitions.

A new spin on a classic formula may be a hard sell to some, as Monopoly has seen many adaptations including on mobile, but putting new rules and means of playing such a high profile game will go some way to creating a fresh new experience for fans. For those wanting to play a classic on the go with a new twist, Monopoly Go is perfectly placed to hoover up an audience. It’s also another major mobile collaboration by Hasbro, who recently announced they were bringing their Wizards of the Coast property, Dungeons & Dragons to Nuverse’s Dragonheir: Silent Gods.