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Big Buck Hunter: Marksman launches on Skillz platform

There's also a $5,000 competition
Big Buck Hunter: Marksman launches on Skillz platform

Skillz has partnered up with Play Mechanix to release Big Buck Hunter: Marksman, a new mobile version of the popular arcade shooter that utilises Skillz's real-money gaming features. 

In this new entry, players are matched with other hunters of the same skill.

The distance from which a hunter scopes and the accuracy of the shot determines the points earned, with more points being rewarded for high accuracy and farther shots.

Players also earn awards in this Skillz-powered competition for consecutive shots, including the coveted five-star Marksman Award.

Worth a few bucks

In conjunction with the launch, Skillz is hosting a two-day esports tournament at this year’s 14th Annual Big Buck Hunter World Championship taking place in Chicago on October 1st-2nd.

Anyone can enter after downloading the game for free, with no pre-qualifications necessary as long as you enter the Match Code BIGBUCKZ starting October 1st.

The winner is set to receive a $5,000 grand prize.

The Big Buck Hunter World Championship draws over 20,000 players who compete for the chance to be crowned Big Buck Hunter World Champion.

“We’re ecstatic to introduce our fans to this next-generation mobile game that brings community, competition, and the chance to win huge prizes.

"It’s what fans of the Big Buck Hunter franchise have grown to know and love, and has kept them playing for over 20 years,” said George Petro, Founder of Play Mechanix.

“Big Buck Hunter: Marksman represents a significant milestone for Skillz as we celebrate our expansion into the wildly popular first-person shooter genre,” said Andrew Paradise, CEO and Founder of Skillz.