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Social casino dev KamaGames signs exclusive Unity Ads partnership

Irish social casino games company agrees to only provide in-app video monetisation through Unity Ads platform
Social casino dev KamaGames signs exclusive Unity Ads partnership
Date Type Companies Involved Size
Jul 1, 2018 partnership KamaGames Unity Not disclosed

Irish social casino games studio KamaGames has entered an exclusive monetisation agreement with Unity Ads.

The developer has agreed to only provide in-app rewarded video advertising via the Unity Ads mediation platform.

The partnership with the ad network will apply to the Irish firm’s entire range of social casino games.

KamaGames hopes that by partnering with Unity Ads, it’ll be able to reduce the performance overhead associated with third-party advertising tools. It also cites a high impression rate alongside the overall quality of provided content as other benefits.

Team up

“The decision to partner with Unity Ads was an easy one based on the the platform’s impressive metrics,” said KamaGames CEO Andrey Kuznetsov.

“Unity offers simple integration via their Unity Engine, and since all of our games are made with this engine, we do not need to integrate any additional SDK for monetisation.

“Our DAU in Q2 2018 has grown by 87 per cent compared to Q2 2017, so we expect to increase our ads revenue at least two-fold thanks to Unity Ads.”

Unity Ads global business development VP Julie Shumaker added: “We are delighted that KamaGames has chosen Unity Ads. Unity has already enjoyed a strong partnership with KamaGames over the past five years and now this recent collaboration is set to make it even more successful.”