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Sony brings its Hero Project incubator program to India

The launch follows the program’s rollout in China
Sony brings its Hero Project incubator program to India
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Sony has announced that it is launching its Hero Project incubator program in India following its rollout in China.

The China Hero Project was launched in an effort to onboard more of the country’s developers into the PlayStation ecosystem, with eligible games receiving investments of up to $140 thousand. The move was well timed, attracting developers - otherwise unable to produce mobile games - to Sony’s platform instead. In a similar vein, the India Hero Project will see eligible game makers receive up to $100 thousand to accelerate development, mentorship, marketing and publishing opportunities, and recoupable development funding.

Sony head of GTPR business development & strategic initiatives Hector R. Fernandez and director of India Marketing Strategy Radhika Thakur said, “Today, we are thrilled to announce the India Hero Project. This incubator program aims to identify promising local developers and support them in bringing compelling gaming experiences to global gaming communities.

“As part of our evolving journey to ensure that PlayStation remains the best place to play, we’re committed to developing regional incubator programs capable of identifying new and diverse developers worldwide. The India Hero Project is fueled by this commitment and our belief in the Indian gaming market.”

Why India?

India has a growing gaming scene, with development primarily focused on mobile gaming. Although Sony has clarified that “mobile game titles will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis”, the project is primarily aimed at making Sony more attractive to developers who may otherwise follow the crowd and choose mobile.

Part of the aim may be to take advantage of India’s booming industry to onboard new studios in the indie space, making PlayStation a more attractive options for aspiring developers than other consoles. However, the fact that the project has so far launched in two of the world’s foremost mobile-first markets with little consideration given to mobile development does raise the question on whether PlayStation may be attempting to shore up development for its platforms in these markets.

Sony has recently been attempting to increase its mobile footprint with several key hires.