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Will the Mythical Games team persuade you to enter Web3 at PGC Seattle?

Meet the mobile games and Web3 experts at Pocket Gamer Connects Seattle, May 9-10
Will the Mythical Games team persuade you to enter Web3 at PGC Seattle?

Pocket Gamer Connects – Europe's leading mobile games industry conference – is heading to Seattle as we bring an array of incredible speakers, industry experts, and unparalled networking opportunities to the US west coast on 9-10 May 2022!

You can check out our speaker lineup, but to give you a teaser for what you can look forward to, we spoke with our speakers to share a little of what they'll be speaking on, and their thoughts of the mobile games industry.

We chat with Mythical Games' Mike Dwyer, global vice president of talent acquisition and Sean Keith, senior director of business development, on their thought of the mobile games industry and PGC Seattle.

The Mythical Games team will be hosting a speed panel/fireside chat, discussing the importance of taking a people-first approach to blockchain gaming/web3. Meet Dwyer, Keith, Katherine O'Harrow, senior manager of people, Daniel Frank, senior vice presidenrt of platform, and Kate Taylor, art director, at PGC Seattle. What’s the most common mistake you see being made in the games sector?

Sean Keith: Particularly for blockchain games? The focus on pre-sales at the detriment of long term profits/game economy planning.

Where are the next big opportunities in the mobile games market?

Keith: Ownership of digital assets.

What's your favourite mobile game?

Mike Dwyer: Clash of Clans, and it's also the longest a mobile game has been on my phone, since 2014

Keith: Clash Royale.

What is the most overhyped trend from the last 12 months?

Keith: Picture For Profile (PFP) projects. Because PFPs don't have game/digital ecosystem utility.

When not making/selling/playing games, what do you do to relax?

Dwyer: I try to keep up with my three year old who thinks he is Boba Fett, for real.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received that you can pass on to others?

Dwyer: Never assume and progress over perfection.

What sort of people would you like to connect with?

Dwyer: Mobile gamer influencers, people with a passion for NFTs and blockchain development.


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