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Spend $50,000 on UA with NativeX and they'll spend another $50,000 for you

It's the season to give
Spend $50,000 on UA with NativeX and they'll spend another $50,000 for you

UA platform NativeX is embracing the holiday season by launching a brand new promotion. The Minnesota-based mobile advertising company is giving away a whopping $50,000 to its partners to spend on user acquisition.

There's just one catch. In order to get the deal, game developers must fork out $50,000 themselves to spend on advertising with NativeX for 50 days.

The $50,000 boost from NativeX to help devs promote their apps is the company's way of returning the favour – a classic case of you scratch their back, they'll scratch yours.

The time to spend

It's a timely deal, considering that the holiday season is a vital time of year for app marketers. As millions of new devices activate over the Christmas period, chart rankings are more important than ever.

"The fourth quarter is the busiest season for new device sales and app downloads," said Diana LaGattuta, NativeX's VP of marketing.

""We wanted to design a promotion to help developers break through the noise during holiday, to help them acquire a lot of new users during this crucial time.

"We know that there are a lot of ad companies out there like NativeX that are vying for the same business. This promotion is our way of showing that we value long term partnerships with our developer clients, and we are willing to put some skin in the game to invest in their success."

If you want to be get involved, you must implement NativeX's SDK or API for monetisation and be running ads before 21 December. The deal is also restricted to iOS and Android developers.

To check out all the small print, rules, and regulations, head over to the NativeX website.