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Spil Games appoints Patrik Wilkens as new VP of mobile

Publisher makes its third internal promotion, completing the formation of a new senior management team
Spil Games appoints Patrik Wilkens as new VP of mobile

Dutch publisher Spil Games has promoted Patrik Wilkens to a position as the company’s new VP of mobile.

Wilkens’ new role will see him leading efforts in the company’s current strategy of taking its catalogue of existing browser games and porting them to mobile.

He’ll be looking at games with the strongest in-app purchase potential and bringing them to smart devices. Spil Games has already found a foothold on mobile, with its games generating over 300 million downloads to date.

More recently, Spil Games’ Troll Face Quest series alone broke 100 million downloads.

Internal growth

“I’m delighted to promote internally,” said CEO Timm Geyer. “Patrik has all the right skills and experience and he’ll hit the ground running because he’s already familiar with our products and strategy.”

Wilkens added: “Spil Games has great mobile products, and our strategy has established a number of successful games in terms of reach, with many already showing promising revenue numbers.

“Now we’re in a position to build on that momentum and start to seriously grow our revenue.”

Wilkens’ appointment marks the third internal promotion in an effort to build a new management team at the head of the company. Spil recently promoted COO Timm Geyer to the position of CEO.