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Stardew Valley creator to self-publish on Android

Taking over from UK-based publisher Chucklefish on all platforms
Stardew Valley creator to self-publish on Android

Stardew Valley creator Eric Barone, also known as ConcernedApe, has revealed that he will be self-publishing the game on Android devices.

Following the announcement, Barone has now taken control of publishing operations of the game across all platforms, relinquishing any involvement from UK-based games publisher Chucklefish.

Barone first partnered with Chucklefish in 2015, with the latter handling publishing, distribution, console ports, and localisation.

The indie dev dream

In November 2018, Barone announced in a blog post that he will self-publish the games on all platforms, with the exception of Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. Barone stated that at the time the reason for the decision was made as he was "ready to move forward on my own" as self-publishing is the "dream" of indie developers.

Barone later regained the publishing rights for the game on Nintendo Switch in October 2019, and later iOS in December 2021.

No reason has yet been explicitly provided for the move to self-publishing on Android.

Commenting on the change in a blog post, Chucklefish COO Donna Orlowski said: "We originally entered into our agreement with Eric for a two-year term - with a plan of transitioning publishing duties and responsibilities after release. Today we handed over responsibility for Stardew mobile, which was the final platform we were acting as publisher for - now ConcernedApe is set up to self-publish for all platforms!"

Stardew Valley reached 10 million sales across all formats in just four years from release, and was a launch title on Google Play Pass.