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Steel Media launches

Where games meet music, film, sports, fashion, the metaverse…
Steel Media launches

Following the success earlier this year of the first Beyond Games Summit, Steel Media is proud to launch its new online hub,

It will explore the evolution of gaming and the transformational impact of interactive media on the creative world.

The site is one of the first to bring together every sector within the creative industries and explore the ways in which they can learn from each other.

Transforming the future

The global videogames market has changed. The tools, technologies and techniques, which were created and pioneered within the world of gaming are transforming the future of the whole creative world.

Every aspect of the creative industries are increasingly interactive: film, TV, sports, marketing, music, fashion, and other sectors all have huge global presence, as well as their own sub-sectors, audiences, business models, best practice and even language.

Digital and interactive technology may be the underlying infrastructure, but bringing such eclectic and established industries together will be challenging.

yt will offer a platform and channel to chart the ongoing evolution of our converged future, which will bring together the artists, the innovators, the creators, the business leaders and those who are pushing back the boundaries of our new converged future.

Games, screen, music, sport, literature, fashion are converging...

The site will cover the latest news - the deals, the funding, the partnerships, and the launches, which are shaping the future of our creative world.

“From mapping the metaverse, to transformative transmedia, Beyond Games aims to be a catalyst for change.”

It will feature analysis and editorial from business leaders, creators, technologists, and futurists. It will bring together the pioneers building the metaverse, and explore the convergence of games with film, TV, sport, fashion, marketing, music and more. It will offer readers from every background insight into the interactive world.

Tony Pearce, the founder and CEO of Reality Gaming Group, said:

“I’m so excited about Beyond Games and proud to be a partner. It's great to see an event and publication that explore the future of interactive entertainment at a time when boundaries between content types are increasingly blurred.

"At Reality Gaming Group our vision is to create new games & entertainment that harness the blockchain and NFTs, bringing fun new experiences to audiences across many devices. Beyond Games is essential for everyone in this space."

"We're pleased to be a launch sponsor of Beyond Games as the interactive entertainment landscape continues to grow and adapt," said Chris Cataldi, co-founder and COO of Genvid Technologies.


"As our recent Rival Peak project with Facebook illustrated, cloud-based interactive offerings have the potential to significantly expand the definition of interactive entertainment and attract the broadest possible audiences to engage in all-new experiences."

From mapping the metaverse, to transformative transmedia

Dave Bradley, the COO of Steel Media said, “We have been running Beyond Games tracks at several of our other events over the last year or more and it became clear very quickly that there is a huge appetite for this type of content that stretches far beyond the games sector.

“Beyond Games is the first online channel, which will cover the impact of digital tools and virtual worlds on the creative industries, as well as highlighting the pioneering work taking place to build this new converged future.

We’ll be offering news, analysis and insight into this incredible new future. From mapping the metaverse, to transformative transmedia, Beyond Games aims to be a catalyst for change and an active agent in the ongoing evolution of the digital future.” is part of the Steel Media Network, which also includes Pocket Gamer, Blockchain Gamer, The Virtual Report, PC Games Insider and more.

The company runs a series of successful events based around these titles, with a dedicated Beyond Games conference held in May 2021 and a sequel planned for November 2021.