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Storm8 launches new publishing arm with Mad Head's War of Dragons

Bringing Asian success to western markets
Storm8 launches new publishing arm with Mad Head's War of Dragons
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US mobile pioneer Storm8 was early into free-to-play mobile games and it's been building its reach ever since.

So now with over 600 million downloads and 50 million active monthly players, it's looking beyond its own internal development smarts, announcing its Storm8 Publishing business.

This will provide expertise in terms of design and monetisation, marketing, distribution and live operations for thirdparty developers.

The first company to sign up is upcoming Hong Kong developer Mad Head.

Its match-3 RPG hybrid Tower of Saviors has been downloaded over 8 million times in Asia and following advice from Storm8 about cultural revisions has now been released in the US, UK, Canada and Australia under the title War of Dragons.

Importing talent

"Storm8 has provided us with additional design and branding expertise to attract players in Western countries through War of Dragons," said Terry Tsang, Mad Head's founder.

"We're honored to cooperate with Storm8 and be the first developer in its publishing program. We look forward to further extending the game's audience."

"In 2013 alone, Storm8 consistently had at least 5 games in the top 100 grossing list. Together with our partners, we will launch even more mobile games that we hope will remain in the top of the charts for years," added Storm8 CEO Perry Tam.

"And we also understand how to monetize Western mobile players better than anyone else in the industry."

Developers interested in Storm8 Publishing can send an email to

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