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Stream Hatchet Brands launched to track 2,300 brands on streaming platforms

Logo detection and chat analysis used to identify media value
Stream Hatchet Brands launched to track 2,300 brands on streaming platforms
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Stream Hatchet has recently launched the Stream Hatchet Brands tool, with the aim of enabling advertisers to measure the performance of over 2,300 brands on video game streaming platforms.

The tool is designed to deliver substantial information and data curation related to viewership and brand affinity within video game streamers using three different methodologies: logo detection using the frame-by-frame methodology, logo detection using the logo presence methodology, and chat analysis.

Using these methodologies, the Stream Hatchet Brands tool creates multiple dashboards for marketers under various filters such as specific categories or industry segments to make the data sets available in visuals and reports.

Brand lifting

Eduard Monsterrat, CEO at Stream Hatchet commented: “More than ever, brands are leveraging gaming influencers and esports events to reach the core gaming audience, which is full of lucrative consumers for various brands,”

“Tracking earned media value on live streams has never been easy, but now with the launch of Stream Hatchet Brands, brand marketers have a simple way of accurately determining the level of brand lift they are generating through sponsorship activations. They can see where their logos appear on stream and how prominent they are compared to competitors, while also tracking brand affinity through audience mentions in chat.”

“What makes our products unique is our taxonomy and classification methodology. Our data experts spend a copious amount of time properly labelling each individual data point that flows through our reporting offerings, and we never sacrifice quality.”

Stream Hatchet and have partnered to create Upstream, the monthly mobile games streaming and esport digest, breaking down the most popular mobile titles on streaming platform and esport events.