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Stumble Guys & Monopoly Go struggle in Latin America as report reveals the region's top games

Global chart toppers struggle to cut through in Latin America
Stumble Guys & Monopoly Go struggle in Latin America as report reveals the region's top games
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New data for the LatAm (Latin American) mobile market shows that perenial local favourites such as Garena Free Fire are still topping the charts, while titles that have been sensations elsewhere such as Monopoly Go and Stumble Guys are yet to gain traction.

Data from Chinese research site Diandian, reveals that Garena Free Fire topped the download charts on both the iOS App Store and Google Play Store, with Stumble Guys only breaking the top five on the Google Play Store and sits in 12th place on iOS. Meanwhile global smash Monopoly Go’s only appears in 18th place for iOS and doesn't even make the top 20 for Google Play.


While not bad by any means, the performance in the top charts for both of these breakout hits presents an interesting take on a market that has markedly different tastes to the rest of the globe. Notably, the two games have also been directly linked recently with a collaborative crossover that brought a Monopoly board-themed map to the Fall Guys-alike.

Unusual activity in LatAm

Notably while these global hits are failing to repeat their chart-topping success in the LatAm market major international titles such as Roblox and Subway Surfers do successfully cross over, both being in the top 10, indicating that while the region does indeed have different tastes, LatAm gamers still consume some global hits as eagerly as any other market.

In terms of revenue Stumble Guys is sits at number six for Google and number 16 for iOS on Diandian’s chart. Meanwhile Monopoly Go doesn’t make an appearance for either store.

As to whether the sluggish performance of Monopoly Go is simply due to the LatAm market being slow to adopt new international breakouts or if it's a more fundamental issue with that specific game's themes, images and franchise use remains to be seen.