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Submit your game to the 16th annual International Mobile Gaming Awards

Developers are invited to submit their best mobile games for IMGA consideration before December 31, 2019
Submit your game to the 16th annual International Mobile Gaming Awards
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As the end of the year approaches, thoughts turn to “best of 2019” lists.

Does your latest game have what it takes? The global IMGA competition – the last leg of which took place in Jordan last month – is now open to international submissions.

What started in 2004 in Monte Carlo with 85 submissions has now grown to be the largest competition for mobile games in the world, with additional region-specific events and competitions in the Middle East and North Africa, in China and in Southeast Asia.

All mobile game makers, from indie developers to established studios, publishers, students and researchers, from all countries, are invited to enter their games into this year’s competition. Participants have until December 31, 2019, to submit their entries. The competition is free, and entrants may submit multiple games for consideration.

Panel of experts

Following the deadline for submissions, an online judging panel will determine the shortlisted nominees who will then be revealed as the 16th IMGA Global finalists in February. This year’s winners will be determined by a panel of industry experts and revealed during the annual International Mobile Gaming Awards ceremony in San Francisco, at Minna Gallery on March 17, 2020.

Gameloft wins the Technical Achievement award for Asphalt 9 last year.
Gameloft wins the Technical Achievement award for Asphalt 9 last year.

Last year’s awarded games include Brawl Stars (Supercell), Gladiabots (Sébastien "GFX47" Dubois) and Florence (Mountains).

"Today, great mobile games are made all over the world. The winner of IMGA MENA, Taawoos, with Shadow of Naught is from Iran. Last year's Global winner is from Australia. Nobody can tell where the next global success will be coming from,” says Maarten Noyons, IMGA's founder. "The IMGA challenges small independents and large developers to compete in a fair and independent competition, where originality, quality, fun and innovation are the most important criteria."

Ready to play your games

The IMGA Global competition is also open to AR and VR games. Eligible games must have been published in 2019 (or have yet-to-be-published status, downloadable in a playable version). Entrants from across the globe can submit their games for consideration on the official IMGA website.

The IMGA is the longest standing mobile games award program started in 2004. With its unique judging process, it has recognized some of the world’s most popular titles in their early days, such as Candy Crush Saga and Clash of Clans. For full details about the competition’s terms and conditions, visit the official IMGA site. You can contact the organisers by email for more information too.

Pocket Gamer is not the organiser of the IMGAs. Our own independent Pocket Gamer Mobile Games Awards, which take place on January 21, 2020, are a separate activity. We have, however, been supporters of the IMGA for many years.