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Subscribers can now access the RuneScape Mobile Beta

Mobile beta headlines a string of announcements made during this weekend’s Runefest event
Subscribers can now access the RuneScape Mobile Beta

RuneScape Mobile is now available in limited beta for subscribers of the popular MMORPG.

That’s the headline announcement of many made during this weekend’s Runefest, an annual convention for Jagex’s venerable online game.

While numbers weren’t shared, the developer claims this year’s event had its “biggest attendance ever".

Old-school versus new-school

The Beta for Runescape Mobile follows a similar test of Old-School RuneScape Mobile over this summer. Like before, participation requires an active members subscription to the PC MMORPG.

The difference between the two titles is that while the 'Old-School' version uses a more classic design for the title, RuneScape Mobile is regularly updated with new features.

“We’re just three weeks away from bringing Old School RuneScape to mobile devices, which has already been incredibly well received by players,” said Jagex CEO Phil Mansell, in a statement.

“The announcement that RuneScape Mobile is also beginning its limited Members Beta from today, and will open to more members over the coming weeks and months, means that both our communities will soon enjoy their adventures through Gielinor while on the move.”

This story first appeared on our sister site PCGamesInsider.