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Super Mario Run approaches 150 million downloads

Number of paid players said to be gradually increasing too
Super Mario Run approaches 150 million downloads

Super Mario Run is expected to hit a milestone of 150 million downloads "soon", according to Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima

Speaking at its FY17 financials presentation, Kimishima stated that while there are still people only playing the free portion of the game, the number of paid players is "gradually increasing".

He noted that the 2.0 game update opened up more of the game for free and claimed that this may "extend the time between downloading the application and purchasing the full game".

Super Mario Run surpassed 78 million downloads in January 2017, meaning it has almost doubled its figure in three months. Despite this, Kimishima has previously said that its sales have failed to meet expectations.

Satisfactory sales

Kimishima also touched on Fire Emblem Heroes, but didn't provide any concrete figures. He simply stated sales were "satisfactory" and that the developer will continue to keep it updated and active with live events.

Looking ahead, Kimishima reconfirmed Nintendo's commitment to releasing two or three mobile games a year for the foreseeable future. He did not announce what the next games in Nintendo's lineup might be, but one of them could be the previously announced Animal Crossing adaptation.

Nintendo posted its full-year financials for its FY17 on April 27th 2017, which showed $4.4 billion in sales for the year, down 3% on its FY16 performance.