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Nintendo profits soar to $921 million as Switch sells 2.74 million units

Goes awfully quiet on its mobile games
Nintendo profits soar to $921 million as Switch sells 2.74 million units
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Nintendo has released its full-year financials for the period ending March 31st 2017.

It posted net sales of $4.4 billion for the year, down 3% year-on-year. However, profits skyrocketed by 521.5% year-on-year to $921.2 million.

Breaking this down further, sales for its smartphone games, which are lumped in with its "IP-related income", amounted to $217.8 million.

The launch of the Switch console also proved incredibly valuable to Nintendo with combined sales of the hardware, software and accessories coming to $996.3 million.

A lot of Switches

In terms of sales figures, Nintendo revealed that it had sold 2.74 million units of its Switch console. It had also achieved an 100% attach rate for its launch game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which sold 2.76 million units.

The company didn't release any specific sales figures for any of its mobile titles. It merely stated that it launched Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes during the period – Miitomo, released in the tail end of its FY16, remained unmentioned once again.

Nintendo however that its strategy is to build its smart-device business "into one of our major pillars of profit".

Looking ahead, Nintendo is forecasting 10 million Switch units during its FY18, alongside 35 million units of software. It will also "endeavor to expand our smart-device business" while maintaining its existing titles.

There was no mention of a potential release date for its previously announced mobile Animal Crossing game.