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Supercell reveals crossover game Squad Busters with characters from various IPs

Clash of Clans, Hay Day and more to be represented
Supercell reveals crossover game Squad Busters with characters from various IPs
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Mobile gaming goliath Supercell has officially revealed its latest game, Squad Busters, a title where "everyone is finally together" from across the company’s library of IPs.

So far, the cast of characters crossing over in Squad Busters are confirmed to be coming from the Clash of Clans series, Brawl Stars, Hay Day and Boom Beach.

Testing, testing

While little else is known about the game for now, a beta is taking place surprisingly soon. Starting 6 February in Canada, Android users will be able to participate in the limited beta until the 16th to test the gameplay. It is confirmed that progression in-game will be reset for those players thereafter.

"Currently we are in the early stage of game development. Between Feb 6th-16th 2023, we will have a closed beta test in Canada with limited participants," stated Supercell. "The test is mainly designed to verify gameplay and all players’ progression will be reset."

Clash of Clans celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2022, having generated $8.3 billion up to that point in its lifetime and making it onto the list of the 10 highest-grossing mobile games of all time. 10 years ago, the mobile gaming market was an incredibly different place but social features were beginning to see a rise. Clash of Clans was among the games to utilise this, with its guilds, raiding parties and other interactive elements.

Brawl Stars, another of the series to be featured in Squad Busters, recently changed its monetisation strategy on mobile with the removal of all lootboxes from the game. Instead of getting new unlocks by chance, players now acquire credits from quests and elsewhere to cash in for set rewards.

Another of Supercell’s games, Clash of Clans spin-off Everdale, was shut down in October before it even got beyond its soft-launch period. However, last week it was announced that Metacore has acquired the game, so a return in some form seems likely.