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Superplus partners with Denuvo to protect against cheaters

Integrated in Hills of Steel 2
Superplus partners with Denuvo to protect against cheaters

Mobile games developer Superplus has partnered with video games security firm Denuvo to protect against hackers and cheaters in its games.

Denuvo’s security solutions are created by players who are aware of the common hacks that cheaters use in games.

The technology includes key features to protect against cheaters and hackers, including integrity verification, protection against static and dynamic analysis and obfuscation.

Furthermore, Denuvo ensures that there is minimal impact on user experience during gameplay, while still guaranteeing "maximum protection".

Superplus has integrated Denuvo tech in its most recent title, Hills of Steel 2, citing "excellent" results.

All’s fair in love and Hills of Steel 2

"We have integrated Denuvo mobile protection to our recently launched Hills of Steel 2 with excellent results," said Superplus product lead Tuomo Kuusisto.

"The Denuvo technology is effective, and it has given us the confidence that the cheats and tampering in the game will be limited.

"Having adequate game protection in place takes away any headaches regarding cheats that ruin the in-game experience or give certain players advantages over others. Our players want a fair game, after all."

Denuvo has provided its anti-cheat and anti-tamper solutions to Triple A PC titles for over a decade and has applied the same technology to mobile devices since June 2020.

Denuvo managing director Reinhard Blaukovitsch added: "The surge of mobile games has resulted in rapidly increasing demand for reliable security protection for mobile. We have over a decade-long experience in working with game developers of all sizes and are happy to empower them to innovate by protecting and securing their assets and revenue with our technology."

In January, we spoke with Denuvo CMO Steeve Huin about why anti-tampering and anti-cheating in games should be front of mind for developers.