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Tango's Global Games Fund finds its first six titles

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Tango's Global Games Fund finds its first six titles
Date Type Companies Involved Size
Nov 14, 2014 partnership Tango Not disclosed

Mobile messaging outfit Tango has signed its first six developers as part of the firm's $25 million Global Games Fund initiative.

The fund was started in order to give mobile game developers a clear path to success with a "one-of-a-kind" distribution model.

For example, game developers will be able to potentially reach Tango’s 250 million members through native ads, chat notifications, and Tango Channels, as well as being listed as a feature game.

Top-performing games will then receive promotion through additional, off-platform marketing channels.

You've been Tango'd

Three of Tango's six signings, Palento, Falafel Games, and Shiney Shoe Games, are close to soft-launching their titles, and Jim Ying, Tango's VP of games publishing, believes each developer is a testament to the quality on offer.

“The developer partners we’re announcing today are a testament to the high caliber and diversity of teams that we’re working with," said Ying.

"This is exactly what we were hoping for and we are excited to start launching great mobile games on the Tango platform.

“To help drive the growth in our games business, and to provide the best support for our game developer partners, we’ve tripled our in-house games publishing team.”