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Tango boasts its social stickiness as Road Riot breaks 1 million DAUs barrier

US social network looking for good games
Tango boasts its social stickiness as Road Riot breaks 1 million DAUs barrier

We've seen that social networks such as WeChat, LINE and Kakao can drive massive virality in Asia.

And now US outfit Tango - which recent got a $215 million investment from Alibaba - has announced that its internally-developed Spy Hunter tribute game Road Riot has surpassed 10 million downloads.

More significantly, Tango is claiming over 1 million daily active players, with a big marketing push over the US Labor Day weekend pushing the title to peak at #6 in the games chart on Google Play in the US.

That stated, it's still outside the US Google Play top 100 top grossing charts.

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The wider context of the game's success is that Tango is pushing hard into games, offering developers to integrate into its social platform to gain access to its 250 million registered members, via chat notifications, social features like leaderboards, gifting and invites as well as marketing and monetisation, including a native advertising network.

To further encourage this, Tango announced $25 million Global Games Fund earlier in the summer, which has seen over 100 developers approach the company.

"Our relationships with developers have deepened, and we've been able to prove that on- and off-platform marketing brings eyeballs to the games that Tango publishes, with Road Riot being a great example of this success," said Jim Ying, Tango's vice president of games publishing.