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Tencent expands with four new studios

TiMi J3 Studio has been split into smaller teams
Tencent expands with four new studios
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Tech conglomerate Tencent’s subsidiary TiMi Studio Group has reorganised, splitting the TiMi J3 Studio into three smaller teams and allowing TiMi to cover more bases in the FPS genre.

This adjustment is reportedly the result of almost a year of preparation, with the volume of staff needing to be reassigned a factor in the length of time this has taken.

The three teams are named TiMi Y1, TiMi Y2, and TiMi Y3.

TiMi's responsibilities

TiMi has garnered more than a decade of experience creating FPS games, working on titles like Call of Duty Mobile and CrossFire: Legends with various collaborators.

At present, Y1, Y2, and Y3 are all developing FPS games for different fields.

According to Pandaily, TiMi Y2 will focus on the creation of multi-terminal, self-developed titles worldwide - currently working on a military shooter using Unreal Engine 4. No specific details about the project have been released as of yet.

TiMi Y3, meanwhile, is responsible for the development of CrossFire Mobile among other related releases.

TiMi Y1 is taking responsibility for games including Call of Duty: Mobile, meanwhile incorporating multi-dimensional capabilities in FPS games for the aforementioned two studios.

As well as Y1, Y2, and Y3, TiMi has also established TiMi G1, which will focus on creating original 3A products.

Last year, Call of Duty: Mobile accumulated $1 billion in revenue - a 45 per cent increase over 2020.