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Tencent extraction shooter Arena Breakout set to release on July 14

The shooter promises a hardcore experience for mobile players
Tencent extraction shooter Arena Breakout set to release on July 14

Tencent subsidiary MoreFun Studios have announced that their new iOS and Android title, Arena Breakout will release on July 14.

The game - being developed by MoreFun who are best known for their previous work on games based on the Naruto franchise and Rock Kingdom - was announced in 2021 and went into worldwide beta earlier this year. It sees MoreFun bringing a hardcore shooter experience to mobile, similar to titles such as Escape from Tarkov. The title will begin in soft launch in Brazil and the Philippines beginning on June 26.

The official description of the game reads, “In Arena Breakout, players will put boots on the ground in Kamona, a no man’s land recently torn apart by civil war. Search the combat area for a chance to strike it rich, but be prepared to fight for survival. Other operatives, squads, militants and scavengers are out there turning over everything for a piece of the pie, so it’s up to you to choose when to fight or disengage. Build and modify ultra-realistic guns, patch your wounds, and refill your empty mags in preparation for the fight ahead. Each battle is a high-risk, winner-takes-all gamble, so don’t bring what you’re not willing to lose.”

Softly softly, launchy launchy

The most notable aspect about Arena Breakout is how it’s billing itself as a hardcore shooter. Titles such as Escape From Tarkov are notoriously punishing for players, but have earned loyal fan bases as a result. While it may seem unusual to bring such a hardcore experience to what is commonly accepted to be a more casual mobile marketplace, it does reflect that there is a potential audience for whom games like Tarkov are not an option (as it’s currently only available on PC) or perhaps simply not convenient enough. But it seems that MoreFun believes Arena Breakout will meet a hunger for difficult but rewarding gameplay.

It also should be noted that Tencent are focusing their efforts in soft launch on Brazil and the Philippines. The former is of course where the company recently pushed their mega-hit MOBA Honor of Kings, to good reception, and the Philippines remains closer to their home market of China while being out of the reach of its strict regulatory measures. However, the Chinese gaming giant has faced other difficulties in markets such as India due to a tense political atmosphere.