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Tencent’s "peaceful" PUBG clone Game for Peace earned over $14 million in three days

Game for Peace is already outperforming PUBG Mobile internationally
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Tencent’s PUBG Mobile replacement has already earned a killing in China.

Game for Peace, which was released in order to make the PUBG formula monetisable and government-approvable in China, earned over $14 million within 72 hours of launch last week, according to Sensor Tower.

That's roughly $4.7 million per day for a game that is essentially PUBG Mobile with excessive violence filed away.

Despite a year on China's App Store, PUBG Mobile was never a money-maker in the region for Tencent. The game was caught in a testing period during China's approval freeze and was never given the go-ahead by authorities to actually monetise.

World Peace

Outside of China, Game for Peace still managed to outearn PUBG Mobile. The latter reportedly grossed $2.2 million over the same period.

Sensor Tower also notes that Game for Peace outearned battle royale rival Fortnite, grossing 3.5-times that title's three-day income of roughly $4 million.

China isn't the only country to make life hard for PUBG Mobile. The handheld battleground has been temporarily suspended in a number of Indian cities, while Nepal narrowly avoided banning the title outright.