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The 24 countries where Windows Phone is outselling iOS

Fortumo reveals the spots
The 24 countries where Windows Phone is outselling iOS
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It may be behind the targets some of the more optimistic analysts set for it when Microsoft first launched Windows Phone back in 2010, but at the end of last year, IDC revealed there are a number of markets where the platform is outpeforming iOS.

In fact, there are 24, which range from the likes of Finland to Poland, and the Czech Republic through to India, Mexico and South Africa.

Mobile payments specialist Fortumo has now detailed just where those markets are via the handy infographic below, along with the claim that Microsoft's OS is gaining momentum thanks to its focus on cheaper handsets.

Winning with Windows?

Even in markets where Windows Phone hasn't toppled iOS, its performance is now nothing to be sniffed at. Fortumo pegs the platform's UK market share at just under 12 percent, for instance, while in Italy its share of the pie is up to 16 percent.

In Microsoft's home market of the US, however, the company faces a somewhat steeper climb, with iOS still accounting for 40.8 percent of the smartphone market to Windows Phone's 4.8 percent.

You can see the infographic in full resolution here.